Our commercial operation is founded by a highly professional management team devoted to customer satisfaction with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Our teams specialise in metal stud framing, suspended ceilings, acoustic partitions and plasterboard linings in a variety of commercial construction applications to meet our clients needs. 

Our current projects include new construction, institutional refurbishments, office improvements and custom interiors.  With tradesmen based at our two locations we have the ability to service projects throughout central, north and north eastern Victoria, and southern New South Wales.

We provide labor, material and equipment as required to complete any size project with competitive pricing. Our large team of tradesmen are experienced and well trained in all aspects of the trade, and are committed to acheiving the company objective of service and quality.  We use state of the art equipment and only quality materials and components supplied  from leaders in the industry to ensure quality and compliance.

We are a code complliant contractor with a strong focus on OH&S, and deliver a structured approach to construction and site managment to acheive the best possible outcome for both small and large projects.  We are an active member of the Association of Wall And Ceiling Industries of Victoria and Master Builders Association Victoria. 

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